Our range of LED downlights is a real step forward in lighting your property. They are perfect if you are looking to upgrade the lighting in any room. Our downlights are selected to provide energy efficient lighting to any room you desire. efficient lighting to any room you desire. One of the key benefits of our LED downlights is that they are long lasting. This means they will lower the overall lighting costs of your property compared to other lighting alternatives.

Internal linear luminaire & pendant lights has been carefully put together from the ranges of a number of selected manufacturers, providers and artisans, making sure that every light is a beautiful design piece in its own right. Making use of pendant lights may be a stylish and artistic way to provide illumination without the obtrusive bulk of other light styles. They are able to fit into any style of decor, from sleek, modern and contemporary design to comfortable and cosy rustic spaces or traditional and formal rooms.

Our selection of waterproof High Bays are most versatile and best-selling fixture to date, we supply LED UFO high bay, Linear high bay and corn high bay, there are fully waterproof, midsize, multifunctional, energy-efficient lighting solution featuring a tough, die cast powder coated aluminum housing and manufactured with industrial grade components for a maintenance-free, long life.

”An excellent choice for new industry premises or replacing old metal halide luminaires.”

We have a wide range of post top light, LED flood lights and garden lights. When it comes to outdoor LED garden lights are one of the most efficient types of lighting you can get to add extra brightness to your external area. This is why so many people prefer them to regular forms of lighting. If you are considering illuminating the exterior of your project, we highly recommend any of our outdoor lighting range.

Phoenix Street Lights collection are the ideal solution that fulfills requirements of functional street lighting and residential areas. Efficient systems to reduce energy consumption and to create a more attractive urban living environment and visual comforts for public and residential areas. our luminaires are available with SPD Optional 10/15/20KV & Photocell NEMA socket 3 pins & 7 pins. At Phoenix we have our own attested ADQCC certification for street light registered under Phoenix Lighting Solutions L.L.C from 45W - 240W with 10 years warranty and competitive prices.

”Wide variety of shapes and colours. Classic white for most, copper takes you to next level.”

Vertical Solar Pole LED Street Lighting System completely overturns the traditional street-lights using flat solar panels on the top, Such vertical solar led street light using solar module achieves a better aesthetic design as well as excellent performance in wind resistance.

Based on polygonal structure, solar panel can be easily mounted on the aluminum, HDG pole. widely lumen range is available for different project requirement.

Vertical solar LED street light pole is an great innovation with latest technology. It adopts the vertical solar modules by surrounding the pole instead of regular solar panel installed on top. Comparing with traditional solar led street light, it has a very cosmetic appearance in the same look as traditional street light.

Smart solar solutions are rapidly growing in demand across the world. In remote off-grid areas such as deserts and jungles, such systems represent the only viable solution to lighting needs. In modern cities, smart solar LED street lights are embraced as the technology of the future that combines environmental, economical, and smart-control benefits. Regulators in Middle East, Europe, and North America are pushing for the adoption of innovative solar technologies, and will continue to do so with increasing pressure.

Solar Mobile Light tower offers a revolutionary lighting and power solutions to the remotearea’s needs. It’s perfectly suitable for work sites and contractors project field. Highly useful for night working at remote area where electricity is not accessible. Specially made for project sites, it has a rugged design to stand the site conditions.

Technical Feature

Maximum height 7m galvanized moveable mast 2 galvanized stabilizers adjustable in height Flood lights routable by hand at 360’ 4 high efficiency LED floodlights Structure assembled on a single axle trailer:

  • No fuel needed – Just free, Renewable
  • Energy from the Sun
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Isolated 100% maintenance free batteries
  • Easy to use; on/off switch or automatic on at night
  • Completely silent
  • Completely adjustable flood lights
  • No running cost
  • Easy to store solar panels and tower can be folded

Everything from optics and movement detection to artificial intelligent and learning can be added to the variety of our high running portfolio.



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