Vertical Solar Street Light

Vertical Solar Pole LED Street Lighting System completely overturns the traditional street-lights using flat solar panels on the top, Such vertical solar led street light using solar module achieves a better aesthetic design as well as excellent performance in wind resistance.

Based on polygonal structure, solar panel can be easily mounted on the aluminum, HDG pole. widely lumen range is available for different project requirement.

Vertical solar LED street light pole is an great innovation with latest technology. It adopts the vertical solar modules by surrounding the pole instead of regular solar panel installed on top. Comparing with traditional solar led street light, it has a very cosmetic appearance in the same look as traditional street light.

Smart solar solutions are rapidly growing in demand across the world. In remote off-grid areas such as deserts and jungles, such systems represent the only viable solution to lighting needs. In modern cities, smart solar LED street lights are embraced as the technology of the future that combines environmental, economical, and smart-control benefits. Regulators in Middle East, Europe, and North America are pushing for the adoption of innovative solar technologies, and will continue to do so with increasing pressure.


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